Learning Through Pictures

The delivery of information is adapting to the fast paced, low focus attitude of the interwebs. Before, information and facts could be delivered through articles and lengthy reports, but as people started jumping from website to website faster the delivery of information had to change. The infographic was developed to adapt to this. Not only are they easy to skim over and read, bu they’re designed to be mobile across the internet. It’s easy for a person to see one a particular website then post it to there own website. For example I could find a website that lists the top places to go fly fishing and then try to list those destinations and describe them on my own site here or use a link to take you away from my site, which I wouldn’t want. With an infographic like the one below though, you get all information without it being edited by me and you stay on my site.

They’re also designed to be visual appealing to catch the eye and make you stop and read them. While they look pretty, they might not always be accurate. The above infographic is subjective as there isn’t really any hard data behind it. It’s really just a culmination of the opinions of many fly fishermen wand where they really had a good fishing experience. On the other hand, infographics that try to convey data and facts should be given a good look over before accepting what they’re presenting. The article “Infographics Lie” shares with us three steps to assess an infographic: check the data presentation, check the data source, check the data alterations. Infographics without sources should be taken with a grain of salt nd should be double checked through other sources before using the presented information in reports. Do you regularly belief information from infographics. Do you think this a good way to share information in today’s world?



  1. jroetker · September 24, 2015

    For you question, “Do you think this a good way to share information in today’s world?” I would have to say it is good and bad. Obliviously these infographics have their ups and downs. They can compel data that can sometimes be false to the eyes of people. Though for the infographics that are accurate, information is displayed quicker and easier for most people. I believe that it is a trade off of time for accuracy.


  2. valioud · September 24, 2015

    I believe that infographics is definitely the way to present information in today’s world as young people are attracted more and more to videos and pictures than books and text. With that being said, we definitely have to improve our education and the education of younger generations in order to be able to distinguish between real and fake information presented by infographics.


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