Twitter Threats and You

What amount of freedom with your speech are you really allowed on the internet? Everyone in the United States has a right to say what they want without threat of punishment, given to us by the first amendment. 

People usually interpret this as they can say anything they want, against whoever they want, whenever they want. This is not true. The amendment protects your right in regards tot he government, not that guy you really don’t like down the street. this idea is also contested on the internet. Social websites, where people can post anything they’re thinking, are a hot spot for this debate. in an article from the Washington Post, a twitter user known for being a “far-right mega-troll”, was banned for allegedly threatening someone over twitter. He fought the ban, but lost because twitter is a private industry. As a private industry twitter can set it’s own rules on how people should behave and conduct themselves on their platform. Charles Johnson, the user that was banned, behaved in contrast to how Twitter wants their users to behave. He threatened someone and whether or not it was meant to be serious it was still a threat and Twitter acted upon it. Another instance of people crossing the line with their internet behavior is when a teenager made a threat to American Airlines over twitter.Twitter

American Airlines did not take it lightly she ended up getting arrested. Even is she meant it jokingly, it was not taken lightly. This is just another instance of people saying what they want whether it’s serious or not and having it backfire on them.have you ever been banned from a website or received repercussions from something you said online? Do you always think over a comment or post before actually posting it? Unlike what I do with my blogs.