This meme is meant to target college and high school students. This audience is the one most likely to be online in places that this meme would be present. The visual comes form an episode of South Park where the instructor always said things followed up by ‘you’re gonna have a bad time’. The text refers to trying to multitasking where students try to get everything done at once, but end up not getting anything done. Also South Park is popular with young people so they would easily get the reference. I’d hope that the audience would be able to relate to it because they would have had an experience with trying to multitask and not accomplishing anything. it’s contemporary because South Park just started its new season so South Park will be mainstream again.



All my memes are related by using the same image to address different issues and topics discussed in class. The second meme addresses how people have trouble not having technology immediately in reach. The third meme is reference to the article that said students would eventually replace proper English with text lingo and they would do everything in abbreviations.


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  1. Kenton · September 17, 2015

    Everyone will definitely understand this! If you don’t know what South Park is…where have you been the last two decades. Also, even if you don’t know the direct episode, the memes are still funny. I like the meme saying, “If you think you can go a day without your phone, you’re gonna have a bad day” its true for most people. I had to go a couple months without a phone and It took me two week of the two months to accept it and recognize that not having a phone doesn’t mean you are disconnected from the world.


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